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The Cliff Walk, Rhode Island

We have been talking about going to Rhode Island for a while especially when we live so close.  Our chance came when I saw a nice hotel on promotion in Providence that also accepts dogs.  The drive to Rhode Island took about 2.5 hours without traffic.

When we first arrived at the beach, we were debating whether or not to park on the street as many cars were already parked there.  Just to be safe, we forked over money to the official beach parking lot.  By this time, Latte was so excited she was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

The Cliff Walk’s one way length is about 3 miles with about 2/3 paved very nicely and the last third with just rocks.

Along the walk, we passed by some of the famous mansions we heard so much about.  They were huge!  They do offer tours inside the mansions but we didn’t see too many people go inside.

The lawns were nicely maintained and provided some nice shade for Latte to cool off.  This is me chilling on the tree while Latte continue to foam at the mouth.

Along the walk were also some private residences.  These houses were also very big and they have put up fences to ensure their own privacy.

When we finally made it back to the beach where we started our walk, we were very happy with our decision to NOT park on the street.  Most of the cars were parked there illegally and are now getting towed!

Notice the sign above that says “No Parking ANY TIME.”

This mini-road trip was fun for all of us.  The weather was fantastic and Latte experienced the beach, stayed in a hotel, went to a real store besides a pet store, and visited the Outlet Mall with  us on the way back.

The Lincoln Walk

I found the directions of this walk online.  The directions were long but seemed easy to follow so we strapped Latte’s backpack on her and off we went.

To begin the walk, we drove to Lincoln, MA’s library and parked in the library parking long.  We then walked towards the cemetery  like the directions said.  The direction said after we pass the cemetery, look for a no Bike sign.  Yeah…this is what the sign looks like:

The sign was tiny, and about to fall down.

Anyway, we go through the sign and head into the woods.  When we exited the woods, we saw a very cute vineyard.

The next land mark was to make a left at the Conservation Land sign:

As one can see, it’s quite faded.

We then continued into the woods.  The trail was actually quite nice.  Some of the fallen leaves were there to remind us summer is near the end and fall is just around the corner.

We eventually ended up on the road we drove into Lincoln on.  While walking back to our car, we saw this very funny road sign:

This was a very tame walk but the scenery could be better.  I know Latte definitely had some fun.

Minuteman Trail

Early August, there was finally one weekend that the temperature was not in the 90′s.  We decided to take this opportunity and get outside, with Latte of course.

We found this Minuteman Trail about 20 minutes away from Ayer that has a nice trail and allows dogs on leash.  So we loaded up our gear (aka Latte’s water and bowl) and headed out.

Once we walked in, we were greeted by this big field which is also part of American history, the American Revolution.

And some more field the further we go into the trail.  The purple flower looks pretty but I am pretty sure it’s all weeds.

Besides these fields, there were some old houses that you could go visit but Latte much rather lay outside in the grass and cool down.

Yes, Latte wears a backpack when she goes out on a trip like this.  Her pack includes: 1 bottom of water on each side, one pink water bowl, a couple of poop bags in case of you know what, and 2 camera filters (because I don’t want to carry them).

Here is a shot of Luke and Latte after Latte has rested a bit.

In conclusion, this is a pretty good trail if you just want to walk.  If you want good scenery, you’ll have to search else where.  We do plan on trying this trail again come fall for the fall colors though.  All the trees along the trail will surely make a nice picture come early October.