Monthly Archives: January 2011

So much snow~

This is our 2nd winter in New England.  Coming from Wisconsin, we’ve seen a lot of snow.  However, snow in Wisconsin is very different from a Nor’Easter in New England.  A Nor’Easter in New England will drive you crazy.  Especially when we have had 4 Nor’Easters since the last week of December.  Each time a Nor’Easter hits us, we are greeted by at least a foot of snow.  This is what the neighborhood looks like after 4 storms, aka Latte’s dream playground.

Check out this house with all the icicles

Look carefully at this photo below, you can see the shape of a car and the antennas of the car sticking out.

Another house with some impressive icicles hanging:

Look at all that snow on top of the little roof.  This is all from the most recent storm we had this week:

This is the snow pile in our yard and Latte, the yellow mountain goat:

The snow in the backyard is pretty deep as you can see Latte digging in:

In case you are wondering, no, she is not cold at all:

And yes, she plays in the snow like this every morning and afternoon after her walk.

This is probably also why she sleeps in the entire day just to recover.