Fall Colors at White Mountain in New Hampshire

Ever since we moved here, so many people have told us about the fall colors of New England.  A group of friends invited us to go to White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire to sight see.  Since White Mountain National Forest allowed dogs, we decided to take Latte along for this mini road trip.

Latte has an obsession with car rides.  She doesn’t care if the car ride ends at the Vet office or dog park, she just LOVES car rides.

Wind in Latte's ears

Yellow me with a yellow lab with yellow trees!  Say YELLOW!

We found this little path by a bridge that was lined with the yellow leaves.  Many have fallen already since it was considered peak of the season.  Me with yellow jacket, with a yellow lab, with the yellow trees.

 Even though the local map says we are on a mountain, the mountain is not very high at all.  There were quite a bit of rivers and waterfalls though.

Beautiful view by the river

 Latte was super excited by all the stops we made as mostly were next to some body of water.  She was really distracted.  This is us attempting to make her look at the camera:


 No fall color trip should be complete without the view of a tree with leaves turned completely red.


 After a whole day of driving, Latte and I found our dinner together!


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