Hawaii – Maui Island

After this year’s winter in Boston, we couldn’t wait to get some place warm.  This year, our vacation is in Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.  We originally wanted to do 3 islands in one week but quickly realized that this was not possible.  There is just too much to see and too much to do on each island.

We started with the island of Maui.  The first activity we did was an all day snorkeling tour to the island of Lanai.  Based on all the reviews on Tripadvisor, we chose to do the tour with Hawaii Ocean Rafting. In the 8 hour tour, Captain Ryan and Noni showed us 3 different snorkeling spots.  We saw eels, tropical fishes, corals, and…spinner dolphins!

We saw 2 different pods of dolphins.  They were performing jumps and flips out of the water.  Captain Ryan even created some waves so we can see the dolphins surf.

The 8 hours went by in a flash and we were back on the island of Maui by 3PM.  We highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to do some snorkeling in Maui.

The next day, we checked out of our hotel and left for the Road to Hana.  The Road to Hana is famous for the waterfalls along the way.

The entire drive is about 40 miles but due to the windy roads, it takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive the entire highway without stopping.  We completed the whole trip in just under 5 hours.  We had planned to spend a night in Hana because we didn’t want to risk driving on the Hana Highway after dark.  Hana is a very small town with only one hotel, a four diamond star resort, Hotel Hana Maui.  The place was so quiet.  We sat outside and can hear the ocean from about a mile down the road and the birds in the trees.  The rooms had no TV and no air conditioning.

This is the view our hotel:

The hotel offers towel and bathroom service on one of the most beautiful beach in Hawaii, Hamoa Beach.

Some people even brought their dogs to the beach to play~

There is also a black sand beach near Hana.  We went there to try to find Hawaii Green Sea Turtles but no one was home that day.

After spending a night in Hana, we checked out the next morning to go hike the 7 Sacred Pools.

The hike took us through the rain forest into a bamboo forest and ending the hike at a very tall water fall.

This was definitely one of the highlights on the Road to Hana and a must do in our books.

After the hike, we started to make our journey back to Lahaina to spend the last night on the island of Maui.  The view of the coast line along the way was spectacular.

We have definitely learned how to identify the tourists from the locals.  Tourists all drive newer cars, SUVs in general.  Locals drive more beat up SUVs, large trucks…etc.  The easiest way to tell a local from a tourist is where the driver’s hands are.  Locals drive with the windows down, one elbow hanging outside the window.  Tourists drive with the air conditioner on full blast, both hands gripping the wheel stressed out from all the twists and turns of the highway.  If you pass by the town of Paia around meal time, don’t forget to stop at the Paia Fish Market to grab a fish plate.  The price is very reasonable and the food is AMAZING!

The island of Maui has lots to do and 4 days were not enough.  This is definitely a place we want to come back.

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