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Chocolate Ganache Brioche

I managed to make this bread without adding butter in the dough or the ganache.  This brioche is not vegan though as the dough contains eggs and I used regular chocolate.  Dough Ingredients: Warm water: 3/4 cups Yeast: 1 packet Salt: 2tsp Eggs: 4 Sugar: 1/2 cup Apple sauce: 1 cup Flour: 3 3/4 cups...

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Pesto Pine Nut Bread

I decided to try baking my own whole wheat bread at home instead of buying them from health food stores.  I like to know what goes into my food! Ingredients: Whole wheat flour: 1 cup Spelt flour: 1 cup All purpose flour: 1.5 cup Yeast: 1 packet Salt: 3 tsp Wheat gluten: 1 tbsp Water:...

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Mochi Bread! 韓式麻糬麵包

Ever heard of Mochi bread?  It’s all the rage for the past couple of years in Taiwan.  There are 2 types of mochi bread: one that is crunchy on the outside and chewy like mochi on the inside and one with the regular bread but with a mochi stuffing inside.  I like both but the...

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